Welcome to Chewville!


In July, 2015, we left the first home we had created as a family.

Over a period of eight years, we had poured our hearts (and labor) into building a homestead out of the little trailer on 450 acres. When we made the decision to move back to the family homestead of my fiance (Chew), we weren’t just leaving behind a house. We were leaving behind memories.

With a heavy heart, we said farewell to the garage we’d raised our first chickens in… the big maple tree, that our youngest loved to climb… the mulberry tree, which faithfully filled our bellies with fruit every summer… the beautiful herb gardens, where I’d learned how to work the soil…

We knew that the owners were going to demolish our little piece of Eden. They wanted to turn it into a parking lot for their expanding trucking business.

As dismal as things seemed, the move did have some bright points. Chew’s mother had been struggling, since Chew’s dad passed away. Despite her good health, the 40-acre property was just too much for her to manage on her own. She had talked of selling the land and relocating, but she was too attached to the memories that the homestead holds.

The solution seemed obvious. We would move in, with her. We would start our new chapter, building a NEW Chewville on the same land that Chew’s parents had raised him on.

This is where we hope to share our trials and errors, discoveries and successes, and all of those crazy misadventures that we are known for. We hope you’ll join us on the adventure!


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